An enterprising family

The first generation
In 1933, Theo Luiten opened a traditional butcher's shop in The Hague. He began to cook ham and grill pork tenderloin and roast beef in the fifties. This was the start of today’s production company for fresh meat products.

The second generation
In January 1961, son Jan took over the shop and in January 1973, he also took over the production company. He expanded the assortment with Tartare Américain, an unknown product at the time. His constant faith in this product and vision of always delivering the best quality are the foundation of today’s company.

The third generation
In August 1996, Walter took over the business from father Jan. He too implemented innovations, such as a significant expansion of the assortment and sales market and the modernisation of production techniques. Walter also initiated the production and sales of Tartare Américain in consumer packaging. 

slagerij 1961a Luiten
Walter Jos.png Luiten

Move to Zoetermeer
In 1997, the company moved to Zoetermeer to give the company more room to grow. Under Walter’s management, Luiten Vleeswaren became the leading producer of Tartare Américain and many other types of ’difficult’ meat products, such as roast beef, raw beef sausage, pork tenderloin and other delicious grilled specialties.

Extra support
In 2003, brother-in-law Jos van Schagen joined the management board to facilitate further growth. In 2007 and 2009, the head office in Zoetermeer had a significant expansion to provide extra office spaces. 

Opening own DC
In 2011, Luiten expanded with an own distribution centre with freezers and extra storage space.

Partnership Jacob Jan Boerma
Since 2015, Luiten has been working closely with three Michelin star chef Jacob Jan Boerma. Jacob Jan has taught us to use the term 'taste' even better. By incorporating his vision on taste in our product development and application of our products, we give them a stronger position.

End of 2018
Expansion of the production by 3000 m2. Luiten is ready for the future and can continue to serve you with a steadily growing product range!